Character Design
Characters thought of for Movies and (or) Games sometime in the future I guess... they popped into my head so I put them down on paper. There's more on each character on a mouseover of the thumbnails.
Kali. Crossbow sharpshooter. always gets a raw deal in love.
Ratri, Noctural person. Expert with knives
Yoda. stick fighter. total loner. Also plans out attacks and ambushes.
Jeevu, hybrid of an ox and an elephant. Also carnivorous.
Jal, the tamer animal / bird. Awesome intelligence.
Vayu, swordswoman. the local heart-throb.
Chhaya, cook, perpetual companion. Man-Friday of sorts...
Kala, Hired assassin. does all the dirty work for the queen. Makes his own weapons that leave a mystery to what could have caused the injuries
Vayu, also a good stick-fighter. Prefers sticks to swords since they leave no trace and can be equally leathal.