Salut! Here's a brief on work done. Starting 1999, the work involves logo design, illustration, web design, print layouts and animation.

cocina indiana vegeteriana: (print) Spanish cookbook cover design >>  

Paradigm Sourcing
(web design):
The logo was designed which was later incorporated on the website and stationery>>

One 97
(logo and site design): Logo and site design for One 97>>

Life Positive
(Print, illustration and animation): Print work done as design head at LifePositive's website.
Also designed and animated a set of 78 tarot cards (free to view and online)

India Today
(web design): One of the earlier designs in 1999 as a trainee in India Today>>

Maggi Club
(animation): For Nestle's Maggi noodles needed screensavers to fire up the appetite>>

Indiatimes ecards
(animation): Christmas egreetings made for Indiatimes >>

My unplanned attempt at driving through Ladakh (2010). This Ebook needs Flash player.

Kasol - Manali (12 - 15 August 2005)- Yet again, the gang gets the hell outa town More>>

Monster Design: 4 years of anatomy study in art school and the distortions are manifested in other life forms >>

Bike Graphics:
Untill I own a Bullet, here's letting go what I'd like to see on my tank >>

Cars: I'm no car designer, but something pops in my head once in a while >>

Comics: They shaped our minds in our formative years, giving us a larger perimeter to exercise our imagination in. Here's an ode to this lesser revered art form >>

In my 4th and last year in art school (1997), I worked in People Tree (Delhi), for a while, thanks to Sutanu, who was also with me there (in both places). Orijit, Gurpreet, Sunny, Meeta, Shahid, Arpana, Vinod... something about that place changed my perception of work and art. Everyone has a right to art, skills no bar. If you feel an energy bubbling inside, just... let it go.
Here's my spot there>>

Mon emploi du temps: Une experience dans javascript. Check>>

nude1 Spikey Hair1 Spikey Hair 2

Character description:
Name : Arja
Fitness freak, Ace professional at work.
Suffers from relationship disorders. Can put a man in his place when needed.
Character description:
Name : Shanti
To modulate attitudes among team members so that the main objective is not deferred from.
Chilled out.