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So you think you bloody know it, eh?! Well, thanks to Sameer I've managed a drop down menu in javascript. Roll over on the menu above. Thou shall have a clear glimps of this bizarre verbose exemplified here in its vague manifestations as you call it, my dear old boy. Also in the spot light are the works, old places of ye learning and bossom buddies who have taught me so much I know today. I have always learned from the learned partners of life of mine and have borrowed heavily from their craniums.
A word on designing in code. I haven't as much fun as going in code and designing in script as you may call it. One has a much clearer understanding of one's creations when one knows of the actual salt and onion that goes into the composition and genetic makeup of the entity as a whole and by and large the entire colossal code actually forms the blood running through the veins of this page.


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