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Here's me fooling around in my room again giving the webcam a headache!
And also at work... spying on Sameer!

Random thoughts here. May or may not be useful. One need not be an artist / designer to relate to the following:
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May 20 2003
Sleeping bags should have an inflatable pillow attached to the sleeping bag with a string. The need for a pillow can make one do strange things like sleeping on one another, rolling up the trousers and stuffing in the bag case, etc.
May 04-14/2003
Sunderdhunga Glacier trek. 90 kilometres of walking on snow, fallen trees, rocks and mud...
April 18-20/2003
In Shivpuri with friends. White water rafting recommended once a year atleast...
This was three years back in Mcleodganj, and it was actually something I mailed my friends describing the trip...
I don't want to mould anyone. I want to be with people I can learn from because every moment, I am ignorant of a billion things and this lifetime is too short to contain them.
I wish the pc speaker point were in the front instead of the back so that one doesn't have to hunt for it everytime the headphones have to be used.
Why can't cellphones have word games in them instead of vague shooter games? It can store a whole dictionary in it which interrupts one when sending out an sms (while auto-complete is on). Also, if caller-id is possible, then why not put the area name or exchange name? the number of times area codes keep changing makes it useless to know the phone number of the incoming call. A compass would be handy on the cellphone too (get out of town more often and you'll figure).
  Will someone please make a music system with a hard disk? We all know that music played out of a hard disk has lesser hassles like the laser skipping problem.
Another irreverant sketch What seriously gets to me is that we still need wires to connect to the internet. We have tiny cellphones that can take pictures and MMS that around the world but no computer 50 times bigger that can't open an email without wires and modems hooked to it to call the local ISP.
  Why not watches with a timer on it? I don't mean an alarm. Just a simple, mechanical, short duration timer so I can turn off that oven / heater / water boiler / cassette recorder / in time. This timer could be incorporated as part of the circumference of the watch, a dial you just turn, which needn't make the watch look tacky with additional knobs or switches. The alarm may go off with a slight buzz, which you'll feel, instead of making a racket.
Another irreverant sketch We can put a bar code on chewing gum so shoplifters get beeped, sim cards in cell phones so one can be traced; but no tracing technology to embed in a car (that costs a small fortune) in case it's stolen?!
The inside of an umbrella could have a drape attached to it from the metal arms so you can spread it across your back in case of more than two people under the umbrella and so that a backpack doesn't get wet :))
Complacency is creative suicide. So before that organ in your skull starts decaying, get the hell away from your safety blanket.
Another irreverant sketch Travelling is the best way to induce self development and creativity. The changing weather, people, clothes, food, houses, environment kick start your five(or six) senses and that's when you live a little.
  A proactive client is the best kind. Some who wants the work finished as much would make my day, anyday.
Another irreverant sketch All this is intellectual property, what one sees on any website or software. It's not a table or a chair or an artisans sculpture that can be seen or touched to realize it's worth. The intangibility of IT related services makes it all the more elusive, and sometimes even unconvincing, making it all the more necessary to keep redesigning layouts and improving navigation techniques for a better user experience... am I making sense here?